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Win My Love Album

Win My Love - 2012

1.  You Ain’t The Only Game In Town
2.  The Devil Inside Of Me
3.  Funnel Of Love
4.  Rip It Up
5.  Win My Love
6.  We Belong Together
7.  Stupid Cupid
8.  Spinning Away
9.  All Messed Up
10. Chet’s Nightmare
11. Burn It Up

The Price You Pay Album

The Price You Pay - 2010

1.  The Price You Pay
2.  Turn This Ship Around
3.  A Fool Never Learns
4.  Texas In My Soul
5.  Just For The Hank Of It
6.  Turn the Cards Slowly
7.  Kalifornia
8.  I Can’t Get You Off of My Mind
9.  A Cheatin’ Life
10. Hammer
11. Surf Riders

HonkyvTonk Heart Album

Honky Tonk Heart - 2008

1.  Drivin’ Nails
2.  Pickin’ On Junior
3.  Little Pink Mack
4.  Busted Faith
5.  Sitting Bull
6.  Speak of the Devil

7.  Stonewall
8.  Adios
9.  Honky Tonk Heart
10. Machine Head

Delilah DeWylde & The Lost Boys - The Price You Pay from Robert Roblin on Vimeo.

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